Monday, July 30, 2012


Every time I come back to visit Los Angeles I realize that service is just as bad in the USA as it is in Italy. It really has taken a nose dive.  I mean what has happened to mutual respect, greeting customers, getting an order correctly, giving change correctly, apologizing for making a mistake, etc etc.? The same goes for the customers. Many are impatient, rude, or just downright unpleasant.

As I pondered these issues, I was dealing with starting Star Charts for my children. These Star Charts are where you give your child a star for good behavior. You can also take stars away for bad behavior. The Charts have been successful on the most part.

I thought why can't we give start charts to adults?

Wouldn't it be great if we could take away a star from Mary, the rude flight attendant? Or take away a star from Joe, the bank teller, for messing up my account? Wouldn't it be soothing if I could take away a star from Betty, who keeps calling with a survey during my dinnertime?

Wouldn't it be fantastic if I could give a star to Mrs. Olsen, a teacher, for her big smile every morning as she greets her students? Or wouldn't it be fantastic if I could give a star to the customer who is pleasant, polite and thankful for our help?

The Star Chart would be awesome and everyone would be on his/her best behavior all the time.

Yeah, I know there is Yelp and Trip Advisor and all those websites where you can give reviews. But I need instant gratification and I would want Mr. X to know he has just lost 3 stars for his rude behavior!!  We could extend the Star Chart to our bosses, colleagues, family members and even our mates!


Homebody at Heart said...

Hi Lucia,

I enjoyed your blog. Strange as It seems, I think that a lot of the bad customer service is rampant. I was at Starbucks with a friend the other day and my friend finally said loudly,"Is anyone going to wait on me?" They had lots of servers, too. So, it isn't just the big cities. I don't know if they are just distracted or, the US is becoming like Italy, in that lots of younger people are taking jobs they feel beneath them because there are no good jobs open.

I loved the pictures of the little town. I went to school in Poppi a few years ago and hope to return to Italy soon.


Unknown said...

I second your proposal. Star charts for grown ups! I was wondering, since you've been back have you found any Italian restaurants with a real authentic feel? I buy italissima for my home but I'm looking for great places to eat out that don't make kitschy caricatures of Italian food.

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