Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Italian Evil Eye Curse

What is the Italian evil eye curse? It is a superstition passed on generation to generation by Italians based on the premise that a person has put a curse on you. The curse is a result of the culprit's envy or jealousy towards you sending bad wishes your way. It is much more prevalent with Italian Americans in the USA or abroad then in Italy. It is more common in southern Italy among the older population. In fact it is a practice to give newborn children tiny, mini gold horns to be worn or pinned on their stroller. This will keep away any bad wishes or evil eyes.

Apparently the only way to prevent this Itlaian evil eye curse is to wear the Italian horn or to make the horn signal with your hand. How do you know if you have been cursed? There is no real way with the exception of being hit with perceived continuous bad luck.

Why does this superstition exist in a Catholic country like Italy? I am not sure but know that like this superstition, there are many many more in Italy.

The question is why would you hang around a person who you know would give you the evil eye curse, is envious or jealous of you?? Who are these evil monsters that would send bad wishes to a newborn child?? It truly baffles me!!

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