Friday, December 5, 2008

How Italian Women Dress- Tips for Getting a Better Fit

You know there is something wrong with women who have perfect bodies and great clothes, yet they just don't look good, classy, pulled together. Why is that??
The better question is so if "those" women don't look pulled together, how can the rest of us, who don't have perfect bodies or designer clothes, look good?

It is not a matter of spending more on clothes. It IS a matter of getting those clothes to FIT you. Italian women are aware of this. You hardly ever see for instance an Italian woman with slacks that are too long and drag on the floor. An Italian woman will make sure that her slacks fit her body perfectly, are hemmed just right, have a cuff if appropriate or not. An Italian woman will make sure her sleeves are just the right length under her suit jacket.

It is not an easy task to get every fit right for your slacks, shirt, skirts, jackets, etc. But once you get the hang of it, you will slowly learn how it works and how your clothes should fit. Some people spend a lot of money on a stylist and pesonal shopper to make sure their clothes fit just right. Not all of us can afford these luxuries. Most Italian women do not have these. All you need to do is learn a few easy tips that will help you get the fit right.

1.Never buy clothes that are visibly too small or too large. No matter how great your tailor is, he/she will have great difficulty getting the clothes to look perfect on you.

2.Shirts- Do buy fitted shirts that caress the body and are never too tight. It is classy to wear long sleeves with a suit jacket. The shirt sleeves at the wrist should be visible underneath the jacket. There should be at least one inch of the sleeve showing. Always tuck in the shirt for a more professional look. The shoulders of the shirt should fit and not slouch.

3.Jackets-I like fitted jackets because they just look more pulled together. Stay away from jackets that are sloppy looking. Again, the shoulders should not slouch but fit perfectly around the shoulder. Sleeves should not be too long nor too short. The right length (standing up and with arms rested to side) is over the wrist but never past the thumb joint.

4.Slacks-No low risers here please. Slacks should glide on the body and not be skin tight. The seat should not be baggy. There should not be any visible "breaks" or creases in the pant legs. The hem should not drag on the floor but not be too short that your socks are showing.

5.Skirts-Again skirts should not be skin tight nor baggy. The hem should be below the knee for a more professional look.

These are quick easy tips that Italian women live by. You should use them when you are shopping for new clothes or when you need to get your clothes fitted.

Remember you don't need to have a perfect body, designer clothes, a stylist, nor a personal shopper to look good. The key is the fit.

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It would be great if you had some pictures to post of locals.