Friday, March 6, 2009

Hospital Care in Italy

It has been awhile since I have blogged and for good reason. Now I am home full time with my youngest son and it is not easy to have any time to do much else. I did promise myself that I would write a blog about the healthcare system here in Italy.

For as much as I complain about the way things work here in Italy, I have to say that some things DO work. We unfortunately had to do a three day stint at a hospital in Italy and aside from having to wait 5 hours for a room (actually a bed) since everyone has to share rooms, I could not believe that we did not pay a single cent.

I mean how refreshing to walk into a hospital and NOT be asked first and foremost "What insurance do you have?" or "What is your deductible?" before even being asked your name! The questions instead were based on the patient, his symptoms, etc. THIS is how it should be. Sometimes I think cannot the United States just copy what they do in Italy as far as healthcare.

A few weeks ago I had to buy an antibiotic which cost $3.00, a minimal amount because some drugs are considered a necessity and the large discount is given to these drugs. The same exact antibiotic I bought in the USA last summer and it cost me $39.00. This is outrageous. The drug was American made!!

I am pro America, proud to be American, miss my country...the whole deal but something has to be done about these problems. I know the Obama Administration is working on it right now. I just hope it will change for the better and fast!