Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Elementary School in Italy- the transition

Not only am I saddened that I don't get to write that much anymore, but every once in awhile I have an aahh moment where I think I should write about this.

This morning was one of those. My child will be entering first grade in the Fall. This is a huge transition for any parent especially one living abroad. I have to learn what it is all about and show no signs of anxiety in doing so.

Anyhow in our small town the Elementary School decided to invite all the future first graders to visit the new school. Each child was paired with an older child who will be leaving the school. They showed the children around, had a snack, games and even a small gift for the new students. The first grade teachers were present, parents and kindergarten teachers too. It made me feel much more at ease with the whole transition and I thought how great that in a small town it can be pulled off so easily. It was only organized the day prior! Will keep you informed.