Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Visiting Siena: San Galgano, Monteriggioni, Chiusdino

Tuscany can be overwhelming. If you plan on staying in Tuscany and have only a few days of time to see as much as you can, I suggest you visit only a few places and really absorb yourself in those few places. Do not make the mistake of trying to see it all in one trip.

If you plan to visit the area of Siena, try to visit the following places:

 Abbazia of San Galgano & La Spada Nella Roccia

These are two places right next to eachother. You will walk from the monastery up to the place of hermitage of San Galgano (Church with the sword in the rock)

Next go visit Chiusdino, a neighboring darling town and the birth place of Saint Galgano.

After Chiusdino, go to Monteriggioni, which is about 45 minutes away from Chiusdino. It is a charming town within the completely intact walls of the city. It is definitely worth a visit. There are numerous small shops with hand made articles that range from wooden items to ceramics to wool clothing to wine and honey. Bring plenty of cash as I found the prices in Monteriggioni to be quite high.