Thursday, December 31, 2009

Selling Used Baby Equipment in Italy

Do garage sales exist in Italy? No. Can you put up flyers around your town in Italy wanting to sell your barely used baby equipment? No. Can you put them on the internet and hope to get some response? Not really. So how does one sell the plethora of baby items one has?
This is my dilemma. I have two garages full of baby equipment, toys, items that I need to get rid of. I want to try to sell them first even at a very discounted price before giving them to charity. I have baby playpens, high chairs, toys, bottle warmers, baby weighing scale, etc etc. Most of which is almost new, some never even used. Any ideas out there?? Thanks.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

La Focaccia Da Eva

It has been a long time I know since I have written so here goes:

One of the nice things I love about living in a small town is the simplicity of part of our morning routine. Although at times it can get to me especially when we are running late, I love stopping at the bakery across the street from the preschool for my son's little piece of foccaccia that we stick in his backpack for his daily school snack. All the parents stop there and it is usually the place for the first Buon giorno's before dropping your child off at school.

Eva is the girl behind the counter that knows everyone by name and every child's preference for foccaccia. The little piece of foccaccia at 30 cents everyday that she puts in a little white bag is one of those small things that I would miss if I moved to a big city. It just would not be the same.