Friday, January 16, 2009

Standard of Living Italy

Everyone assumes that the standard of living in Italy, especially Tuscany, must be very high. The most sought after question for those wanting to move to Italy is if the quality of life will be better or worse than their present situation.

No one can say for sure if the quality of life is better or worse. This depends directly on what "standard of living" means for that person. What is important? What can one do without?
For instance a retired couple from the USA moving to Tuscany may not care that the unemployment rate is very high or that the school system is very much lacking whereas a couple looking for work with school age children may find that those two parameters (employment and schools) are very important indeed.

Some standard of living parameters are lifestyle, work, environment, health care, crime rate, population, leisure time. Again, what is imperative to one may be less pressing for another. The best advice is to research and research what is important to you and your family and find out before moving what the town or city in Italy offers. If possible, spend some time in the town or city before moving there and do not quit your job before having a paying job with a legal binding contract in Italy.


Curiouser & Curiouser said...

We (my husband, 2 boys and i) are moving to Incisa in July 2010. Near Florence. We live a very simple life in Australia.
We want to stay for one year to experience a different culture. My children aged 7 and 10 will attend a public school in the area. While my husband and I will work (hopefully) If we do not find work to live on in the first 3 months then we plan on going back to Australia. You live in the vicinity of this town, do many people commute for work to Florence? Or do many find work near to home? If you know of any one who is thinking of employing a couple of aussies in July please let me know :).

Anonymous said...

Hello, I currently live in the USA and I'm considering Italy as a place of residence, however I am uneducated as to this country. Sure I have read things but I need more resources: such as employment, the best cities or villages to live. I don't have a college background but I do have some skills. I would also like to know about the currency it's value v.s. the U.S. of course apartments, lofts, places to rent. I also need to to know foreign policies regarding residency and employment can you help? Thanks Toni

Anonymous said...

Italy has many issues to deal like the high unemployment, the high crime rate and the poor institutional and legal framework which causes big transparency deficiencies.Altougether adding the huge public debt make up a not a so ideal place to live.On the other hand the picturesque landscape,the nice weather, the ancient history and the italian tamperamento consist a huge advantage