Friday, February 20, 2015


The Slow Food Movement originated in Italy.  It is no surprise then that Italians rank one of the highest countries in terms of longevity. Italians live to be a whopping 83 years old!

This longevity can be attributed to many factors but one of these factors certainly is Italian food and meals.  You can acquire more information by visiting my website at
Here are five easy ways to eat simple and healthy Italian food and maybe just maybe increase your longevity:

1. USE HIGH QUALITY EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL. Italians use high quality extra virgin olive oil in almost everything they eat.  I say high quality because on the market there is everything and anything with the high quality label. This type of olive oil is not cheap. If you are getting a 5$ bottle (1 liter)  of oil, chances are it is not high quality. If it is Italian, make sure it is actually made in Italy and not just bottled there.  Also make sure you keep your olive oil  away from heat. Olive oil needs to be stored in dark bottles and in cool places in order for it to keep its healthy antioxidants.  It is better to buy small quanties at at time.

2. EAT RAW VEGETABLES.  The more the vegetables are cooked, the more they lose their  important nutrients and vitamins. In fact, it is best to opt for fresh and eat them as soon as you can. The more they are in your refrigerator the more they lose their nutrients. Yes, I know who has time for this? Well, make it a habit of purchasing lots of vegetables at one time and then making sure you eat veggies with every meal. Some favorites of my Italian friends: cabbage, broccoli, asparagus, artichokes, tomatoes.

3. CONSUME AND USE GARLIC IN MEALS FREQUENTLY.  I  was told by my older Italian friends that eating 2 cloves of raw garlic in the evening is a sure way of keeping away colds and illnesses. But I said "It will keep away everyone around me too." The answer they say is chewing 2 coffee beans afterward. It's worth a try.

4. EAT LEGUMES. Italians consume many legumes of all types. Lentils, peas, garbanzo beans, pinto beans, soybeans. These can be cooked in even 15 minutes time. Strain, add some salt and a bit of that extra virgin olive oil. Instant healthy meal.

5. AVOID PROCESSED FOODS, CONDIMENTS, FAST FROZEN MEALS.  These are huge no no's for Italians. 




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Monday, February 16, 2015

5 Ways To Know You Need To Slow Down

I did not realize I was living a fast paced life until I received certain signals from others around me in Italy. When I began to look around me, I realized I was multi tasking, stressed and definitely not living the Tuscan lifestyle I had envisioned. In fact I was even more restless in Italy then I had been in Los Angeles. After many years of observing and researching the Italian lifestyle, I learned and am learning the steps to live slower and simpler. 

I would say the first step to slowing down is knowing it is time to make some changes. The following are the five ways to know you need to slow down:

1. You speak fast.  Often times you do not let others finish speaking and you interrupt them. While speaking you are thinking about the next thing you have to do.  You are not attentively listening to the other person.

2. You walk fast.  You walk fast even if it is not for exercise purposes.  You don't know how to stroll. You are always in a hurry.

3. You multitask. You are constantly doing more then one activity at a time. You have not finished one thing before you start another. You multitask also in thoughts. You are doing one thing but thinking of another.

4. You eat fast and have poor eating habits.  You don't sit down at a table and slowly consume your meal. You usually do not chew your food at least 20 times before swallowing. You do not eat healthy meals. You don't take the time to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.  You eat or drink standing up, on the go, or at your desk.

5. You cannot just BE. You find it difficult to just sit still and relax. You cannot be without an electronic gadget (computer, television, phone,etc). You become fidgety.

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Top 10 Ways To Dress Like A Minimalist Italian Woman

What  is minimalist dressing? Why do I need to master it? How will this tiny change in my life grant me loads of free time? Minimalist dressing is dressing by removing the superfluous or constitutes a style that uses pared down essentials. The Italians have always used this concept and they not only look impeccabile but probably don't spend hours trying to figure out what to wear. There are only three requirements: the clothes must be clean; the clothes must be in good condition; the clothes must fit properly.

Ok. Here are the top 10 ways to dress like a minimalist Italian woman and free up your time:

1. Use monocolors.  In other words your outfit should be of the same color even with different tones of the same color. For example, in one outfit,  trousers and the blazer can be dark brown, while the blouse can be lighter shade of brown.  Socks and shoes should also be brown. 

2. Wear footwear that has the same style of the outfit. If you are wearing a conservative pantsuit, you should not be wearing athletic shoes.  Instead you should opt for moccasins, loafers, pumps or dressy shoes.

3. Keep accessories down to a minimum. I am not saying you should eliminate the accessories but use good taste. You should not be piling on necklaces or bracelets. Usually one nice accessory is all it takes.

4. Stick with classic colors. Yes it is true that trends call for pastels one season or fluorescent colors the next but minimalist dressing is really pairing down and staying with the classic, yet chic colors of black, brown, grey, red, white, navy blue. 

5. De clutter your closet and leave only a small collection of high quality pieces that you like, fit you well and that you actually wear frequently.  Hint: if you haven't worn a piece in the last year, it's time to let it go.

6. Have your own style. You can dress with the minimalist concept but still have your own style. This may be using form fitting outfits, layers, long skirts, short skirts, jeans, whatever.

7. Build your wardrobe one piece at a time, focusing on quality items that last a long time. 

8. Do not impulse shop.  Buy only pieces that will match or fit in with other pieces you already own and wear.

9. Know what styles flatter your body.  Once you know what is the most flattering, stick with it. 

10. Rotate your outfits. This alone will save you hours of time and stress especially in the morning when you are squeezed for time. If you are dressing with the minimalist style no one is going to notice that you wore that black blazer two days ago if you now put a grey blouse under it and add a different necklace. You can wear the same pants or skirt as long as they are clean and ironed. 

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Monday, February 2, 2015

"Living the Italian Lifestyle ...Anywhere"

It is finally done. After years of wanting to write about how you don't have to live in any particular place to reap the benefits of living an Italian lifestyle, I did it! I just published my first digital product (ebook with resources and audio).  I have been wanting to share this information for years with my friends, family, colleagues so here it is.

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