Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What to Buy When You Visit the United States

Due to popular demand I have put together a small list of the things we have learned to be worthwhile to buy in the United States and to bring back to Italy. With the favorable dollar you can really stock up in the USA. These are for both those who live in Italy permanently and for those who want to bring a gift back to friends in Italy.

For expats:

Tylenol and Advil- sounds funny I know but cannot get through the winter without them and no I am not addicted!

Cheerios original cereal- have found the honey flavored one but still have not seen the original Cheerios.

Office supplies

For both expats and Italian friends:

High count cotton bed sheets- I always buy new sheets in LA when I come home since I find the cotton to be nice, compact and you really don't even need to press them (great advantage). Remember that bed sizes are different in Italy and a Queen American size will fit a matrimoniale Italian size.

Designer Makeup- you can get some real bargains in the USA with the buy one free gift system. This just is not the case in Italy.

Athletic Shoes & Levi Jeans - These are very expensive in Italy.

Clothing - Casual wear like tshirts, jeans, and sweatsuits are much cheaper in the USA.

Electronics - these too are much cheaper in the USA

Baby clothes, toys, accessories- No, there is no Target out here so stock up on as much as you can!

Books and Music- I know you can get these off the net but they make good gifts to bring back. I like to buy English language books for my children too.

Housewares- kitchen towels, pot holders, table cloths, place setting table mats, runners, etc

Christmas decorations

I am sure there are a lot more but these come to mind. Let me know what your favorites are I may have left out.

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