Thursday, October 23, 2008

Old Wives' Tales...Italian version

Wow here I can write a book about all these weird beliefs pertaining to all sorts of things. Let me say that it is not just the elderly people who think this way but even young people. Talk about passing on from generation to generation.

The Wind Chill

Ok something has to be said about "la corrente dell'aria" or the draft. Apparently if you leave the windows open and a draft occurs you will get sick. Some people take this further by saying if you go out without a scarf, hat and coat on in the winter you will get sick. ..even if its 30 degrees celsius. And even further you must wear all of the above if it is raining because if you get wet.....ah then you will get the dreaded flu. How is it then that you take showers and not get sick?? Anyhow I got into a heated debate with someone on this and had to have the pediatrician (bless his heart) tell this person it just is not so. The person however by the look on her face was not convinced. Must I say this same person will not open shutters without a scarf around her neck??

Taking a Bath when you are sick

Yes there are still people who believe that if you take a bath while you are sick you will get even sicker. Especially for children. So these poor kids that already feel like crap because they are sick, also feel dirty.

Going in the water after you eat

You must not go in the water, take a bath or anything of the sort after you eat because you will die. You have to wait two hours or so before going into the water. I am not sure exactly what the medical ramification is but something having to do with bad digestion. Anyways just don't do it.

Don't sweep over someone's toes

If you pass a broom over someone's feet, that person will not get married. This is more a superstition but thought I would mention it.

The illnesses associated with the change in seasons

It was not until I arrived in Tuscany that I heard to beware of when the seasons change as they cause all sorts of problems ranging from fatigue, sleepiness, hunger, headaches, colds, coughs, etc. Don't know exactly what it is that causes these but they do.

The Circus Brings Dreaded Illnesses

My personal favoritel! This is one I learned in Chiusi. Circus animals and trainers bring and spread diseases. Talk about bad publicity! I say yes if you happen to kiss the elephant who has a cold! It has nothing to do with the fact that the Circus comes every January-February (flu season!!) ??What do you say to people who say this?? I now say nothing at all and just nod my head a lot.

I welcome you to let me know of other odd beliefs you have heard of in Italy!


'A Tuscan view.....from Umbria' said...

Hello Lucia I came across your post on the Slow Travel forum. It seems we are neighbours, pleased to meet you. I'm really looking forward to having a look at your blog. Come over and check us out too. I wonder if we've bumped into each other in the local COOP or Pam! Ciao amanda

Lucia said...

You must be right down the road from me. Let's connect!Lucia