Sunday, December 14, 2008

Country Living In Tuscany On This Cold Sunday

A typical Tuscan Sunday for us in the Winter is spending the most part of the day home with the fire burning and some cozy blankets munching on "panettone" or "pandoro" (Christmas cake) and some hot tea.

We went out only this morning to go to Sunday Mass and then make a quick run to the grocery store to buy the much needed bread for our "bruschetta". Returning home, we noticed our neighbor Anita had many cars parked in her front yard and one of her pigs was missing. This scenario is always equivalent to one thing...they slaughter one of their pigs for their big Christmas meal and then divide it amongst close family and friends. I have learned not to become buddies with her "pets." In the following days, Anita will surely come by our house with some remnants of Mr.Pig.

For lunch, this Sunday my husband and I decided to stay with Italian tradition and cook our meat and bruschetta in our fireplace. After a great lunch of spaghetti sauteed in a cherry tomato and garlic sauce, bbq steak, cauliflower and bruschetta. We washed it all done with "il vino del contadino," (the farmer's wine) and then celebrated pre Christmas style with "Pandoro" or Christmas cake.

Buona Domenica. Happy Sunday

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Batmanino said...

I loved this entry! Its now October and we are moving to Tuscany in November and your blog gave me a nice, warm, cosy feeling for the Sundays ahead. Having been based in Tokyo for the past 7 years swapping life in the city for Toscana is a huge change but I look forward to many Sundays just like you described... also delighted to hear that someone in the region shares a passion for high heels as I'm not quite ready to exchange my jimmy choos for wellingtons